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A dynamic destination where families, adults and children can explore the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, innovative programs and awe-inspiring films. Help support our mission to inspire science learning in everyone!

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About Science Saturdays

We provide an innovative model for science learning by combining exhibits with an on-site Science Center School and Amgen Center for Science Learning as well as a teacher professional development program. World of Life, Creative World, and Ecosystems each have a Discovery Room intended for children 7 years of age and younger. These specially designed spaces make science more approachable for young learners by focusing on hands-on learning experiences.

Science Saturdays Upcoming

The new galleries will encourage guests of all ages to understand key scientific and engineering principles related to atmospheric flight and the exploration of our universe. 

Looking ahead to our future, we remain committed to expanding learning opportunities and inspiring innovation and creativity. 

Science Saturdays Upcoming

Open to high school students of all ages, eXtreme Science Saturdays gives you hands-on experience using state-of-the-art equipment in a modern lab.

Students will explore the mysteries and wonders of design, chemistry, biology, engineering and mathematics. They’ll also delve into crime scene investigation techniques, and learn about starting their own business!

Science Saturdays are geared towards families and are appropriate for all ages.

Start now! be ready to explore Science!

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